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Home of the Monarchs


Dear Students/Parents/Guardians and Visitors,

Let me begin by expressing to you that I am honored and excited to be the new principal at Exeter Union High School.  Exeter has a long and impressive history, and I look forward to building upon its traditions and successes—working with you and the community to meet the needs of our students.  In my first weeks at Exeter Union I have met a dedicated staff whose sole mission is to prepare your student for life after high school and the many challenges of the twenty first century.   I give you my word that we are committed to that mission and that we will always try to do what is best for your student.

There is no doubt that we have a great school; however, there is always room for improvement.  Exeter Union High School understands that its work is never done and that providing the best for our students requires hard work and a consistent review of how we are progressing.  Part of that process includes getting feedback from students, parents and stakeholders.  Please know that my staff and I want to have an open line of communication with you so that we can work together to ensure student success.  If at any time you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please make an appointment and we will be happy to have a discussion.  Parents, our relationship with you is critical; we want you to be involved in the education of your student and the advancement of this school.

Exeter Union High School believes that every student is capable of accomplishing great things, and that each one can have a positive impact on our community and on our future.  In order to have a learning environment that maximizes each young person’s potential, expectations are very high, both academically and behaviorally.  We expect students to meet these standards, and with guidance and support from home and from school, they are fully capable of doing so.

Students are expected to arrive on time to school and to class, dressed appropriately and prepared to give their best effort.  Interactions with classmates and with faculty and staff should be conducted at all times with dignity and respect.  Our campus and facility has character that makes it one of the city’s landmarks.  Its beauty and uniqueness should be respected by students and staff alike.   We are blessed to have such a wonderful facility.

All of Exeter Union High School’s rules, practices, and procedures, along with specific details, are provided within these pages.  Parents, please make sure that you read these and go over them thoroughly with your student.  As I mentioned earlier, your role is critical.  We need your support in fostering and maintaining a school culture that promotes learning for all students.  Let there be no doubt, we are in this together.

Students, I ask that you become involved at Exeter Union High School.  I am not only referring to extracurricular activities such as clubs, fine arts, and athletics.  Those are certainly important.  But I believe involvement goes a step further.  I want you to feel a sense of connectedness and belonging.   I want you to take PRIDE in this school and in this community.  It is my desire that you feel safe, loved, and cared for when you enter the doors of our building.  Obviously, as educators, we have to do our part to make this a reality.  But it makes the challenge less daunting when you come to school with a positive attitude and an open mind.  Parents, help us convey to your student that Exeter Union High School is a special place, and that it is special because of their involvement.  

I thank you for your support, and I look forward to the upcoming school year and the journey that lies ahead. 


Robert Mayo