Home of the Monarchs


Dear Students/Parents/Guardians and Visitors,

Welcome Back!  Let me begin by expressing to you that I am honored and excited to begin another year with you.  We have new classes; opportunities and systems to best support all of you.  

Exeter Union High School believes that every student is capable of accomplishing great things, and that each student can have a positive impact on our community and on our future.  In order to have a learning environment that maximizes each young person’s potential, expectations are very high, both academically and behaviorally.


Students, I ask that you become involved at Exeter Union High School.  I am not only referring to extracurricular activities such as clubs, fine arts, and athletics.  Those are certainly important.  But I believe involvement goes a step further.  I want you to feel a sense of connectedness and belonging.   I want you to take PRIDE in this school and in this community.  It is my desire that you feel safe, loved, and cared for when you enter the doors of our building.

We are poised for a great year, with new opportunities to display our Monarch Pride.  I look forward to a year of success.  Thank you for being a Monarch, thank you for all that YOU will do.  Remember that the E never comes off!

Forever A Monarch

Mr. Mayo



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