Thursday,November 30, 2017


         Wilson Warriors “Kare” 


Student News

CONGRATULATIONS Julianna Martinez!!!!! She is the winner of our ‘fiction book’ contest.  Julianna was the closest guess to the actual number of fiction books we have in the library. Julianna guessed 6,924………..and that was the closest!  Good job, Julianna Martinez……..please come into the library to collect your prizes.

AND NOW……….. the next contest is……………..how many NON FICTION books are in the library. Remember, Julianna’s guess was 6,924 just in the fiction section. Now think about how many books in the non fiction section: that means books that are about a certain subject and are found in the middle rows of the library. Come in and make your guess today!  This contest will end December 15, and of course, there will be prizes!


BOOK REVIEW CONTEST: Keep those book reviews coming!  Please come in and get a form for a book review and complete it. Those who turn in a book review from a book found in our library will earn “Lunch in the Library.”  You will be able to bring your own food in, and Mrs. Donkin will let you watch  a program on the new tv in the library. The last day to turn in your reviews is Dec. 8.


Also, those of you who have turned a bookmark for the bookmark contest: If you want your bookmark back, please come into the library and get it. Mrs. Donkin will keep all the bookmarks until the end of November, and then she will throw them away. If you want your bookmark,  come and get it!


** All Spelling Bee contestants, remember to meet at lunch in Room 204 with Mrs. Hayhurst on Thursday this week to prepare for our school-wide competition

 **SMAC meeting this Thursday November 30,2017 during lunch in Rm. 10



**The criteria for our next Warrior Fun Day will shift from grades to behavior. Any student receiving 6 or more lunch detentions between October 9th and December 15th, will not be eligible to attend WFD.  It will also include NO overdue library books.  If you have an overdue book or haven't paid a fine from a lost or damaged book or haven't paid a fine from last year, you will be ineligible to attend Warrior Day. Clear your library account and pay your fines! It would be a shame to miss out on Warrior Fun Day!!

 There will be a CJSF meeting today during lunch in room 1 instead of room 304.  



Thursday, November 30, 2017


Rotating Block Schedule

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