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Student Services


The Student Services Department at Exeter Unified School District is dedicated to helping students accomplish academic and personal goals. We recognize that students are individuals who may need assistance in clarifying or establishing goals, as well as help in eliminating the barriers which may hinder their academic progress. We look forward to working with parents and students to ensure a successful academic experience.


Our department is designed to work closely with your student’s school site and is constantly evolving to complement our academic programs and enhance the total educational experience. Providing quality student services defines the role of our Student Services staff.

Our goal is to serve parents and students in the areas of:

  • Academic Placement
  • Academic Performance
  • Alternative Credits Towards Graduation
  • Attendance/SARB
  • Special Services
  • Transfers
For assistance, clarification, or requests for student services, please contact Susan Caldwell, Administrative Secretary, at (559) 592-9421 ext. 9102 or [email protected]