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COVID-19 and Distance Learning

1) Notify your teacher of any technology issues you may be having with your district supplied Chromebook, iPad, or hotspot. 
2) E-mail the Exeter Unified Technology Department at: [email protected] and they will respond accordingly. 
3) Call the Exeter Unified Technology Department at 559-671-0472. If no answer, please leave a clear message with the following information and someone will call you back as soon as possible:
  • Your Name
  • Your Student's Name
  • School your student attends
  • Student ID#
  • Contact Number
  • Brief description of the issue
4) If the technology issue cannon be resolved over the phone, the district support tech will setup a time for you to come to the district office to drop off the device for service at 215 N. Crespi, Exeter, CA 93221. 
Seesaw (Grades TK-1)
Website to log-in -
Seesaw Remote Learning for Families -
Seesaw Intro. for Families -
Tutorial for Families -
Google Classroom (Grades 2-5)
Parent's Guide to Google Classroom in 2020 -
Zoom (Grades TK-5) 
Website to join a meeting - (Be sure to have the Meeting ID and Password from your child's teacher)
Website to log-in -
Epic! (Access to Reading Books)
Website - (Kinder teachers may provide you with a code for free access during the school day)
Exeter Unified COVID-19 Dashboard
The Exeter Unified School District and all of our schools are committed to providing accurate and transparent information regarding COVID-19 cases of individuals who report to our campuses for learning, school activities and work, while also maintaining privacy and confidentiality for our students and staff.
The data in the chart below represents the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases among EUSD students and staff who physically report to our campuses (in-person students and on-campus staff). EUSD is counting all positive confirmed cases for individuals who physically report to a EUSD campus for EUSD or school supervised instruction or activities. For the purposes of this dashboard, EUSD is not counting community-related cases for those individuals who have not come onto campus for EUSD or school supervised instruction or activities.
The "Current confirmed cases" listed below are positive cases that have been reported. Cases are removed from this dashboard 14 days from the date of when the COVID-19 positive test was taken.
How often is the EUSD COVID-19 Dashboard Updated?
The data in this dashboard will be updated at least once daily on weekdays when school is in session (it may not be updated daily during school holidays and breaks). The date and time the dashboard was last updated is shown below. In the event of a positive case, school communities are notified, as appropriate, directly by their school sites. If a school wide notification of a positive case takes place after the dashboard was last updated, this data will be added to the dashboard the next time it is updated (in unique instances based on timing and school wide communication confirmation, data may not be added to the dashboard update that occurs immediately after a school wide notification takes place and the data will be added in a subsequent dashboard update, as expeditiously as possible).

This page was last updated on Friday, August 6, 2022 at 11:50 a.m.
EUSD School Sites
Number of Students & Staff
Current Confirmed Cases** Origin of Case(s) Proportion of School Population
Total COVID-19 Cases
(no longer active)
Total Number of Students Currently in Quarantine due to COVID-19 Exposure
(families of students report cases of exposure to EUSD school sites)
Students Staff
School Campus Bus
EUHS 850 - - - - 0% - -
KHS 43 - - - - 0% - -
CDS 3 - - - - 0% - -
WMS 587 - - - - 0% - -
RH 553 - - - - 0% - -
LIN 600 - - - - 0% - -
District Office 31 - - - - 0% - -
Nutrition Services 15 - - - - 0% - -
DOT 7 - - - - 0% - -
MAINT. 6 - - - - 0% - -
*This number may fluctuate and will be updated periodically. This number is inclusive of students enrolled in on-campus learning, cohorts, & on-campus staff of each school site. 
**Information updated regularly and as cases are confirmed. "Current confirmed cases" are positive cases that have been reported.
Communication Process in the Event of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases
In the event there is a confirmed case, Tulare County Public Health (TCPH) will be notified. The school site (students/families and employees) will receive notification via email and/or Parent Square of a confirmed COVID-19 case on their campus, as appropriate.
What Families Can Do to Limit the Spread
It's going to take a united effort to keep our students, staff, and families safe. In addition to health and safety measures taken on our campuses, we encourage families to be proactive and to reinforce the importance of hand-washing, physical distancing, and face coverings to limit the spread of COVID-19. This includes anyone with COVID-19 sympotoms staying home and following appropriate guidelines prior to returning to an EUSD school campus.
For information regarding the District's health and safety protocols, please reference: