Exeter Unified is Going Green!


Each of the new 40ft, all-electric, 2019 Bluebird School Buses holds 78 passengers and is equipped with individual seatbelts, strobe lights for foggy days, and air conditioning for those hot summer months.

Transportation Supervisor Loretta Myers, “We are very excited to be introducing these buses to our School District. They have absolutely zero emissions, which is very exciting to help improve the quality of our air here in our valley. We received these buses with a grant from the SJVAPCD. We will be introducing the four electric buses and dismantling four diesel buses. This grant is to help get the more polluting diesel buses off the road and get the zero-emissions electric buses out there.”

With a range of approximately 120 miles per charge, the all-electric buses will be used primarily for home-to-school and school-to-home transportation, though they may occasionally be used for local field-trips.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the distinctive green bumpers.