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Enrollment Forms and Information

Exeter Unified is committed to providing all of our students with a high quality education in a warm and supportive environment.  This webpage includes information about enrollment processes as well as intra and inter district attendance agreements.  
An intradistrict transfer is a request to transfer between schools in Exeter Unified.  The approval of this transfer is based on space availability and could be subject to a first come-first serve lottery.
An Interdistrict Attendance Agreement is a request to transfer between school districts. If you are trying to transfer to another district, please get the transfer request form approved by Exeter first. If you are trying to transfer to Exeter, the paperwork process starts with your district of residence (call the district office where you live for assistance).  Acceptance of the interdistrict request is based on grades (2.0 gpa), attendance (94% and no truancies)  and discipline (no suspensions or suspendable events).  If your initial attempt at an interdistrict request is denied, you may appeal the decision with the local school board and the County Office of Education.
If you are already attending Exeter on an interdistrict transfer, please remember that the Interdistrict Attendance Agreement must be updated annually and is subject to grades, attendance and discipline. This is outlined more specifically on the back of the Interdistrict Attendance Agreement form and acknowledgement of this requirement is part of the application process.  If the interdistrict agreement is revoked based on grades, attendance or discipline, there is no appeal process.

This webpage includes our enrollment forms and explanations of each form.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Student Services at 559-592-9421 x 5036.
  • Primary Residency/Enrollment
  • Secondary Affidavit
  • Caregiver Affidavit
  • Interdistrict Transfer
  • Administrative Regulations/Board Policy 5117.5 and the Tulare County Interdistrict Attendance Agreement
  • Intradistrict Transfer
  • Board Policy and Administrative Regulations
  • Housing Questionnaire
"Which form do I need?"
  • Primary Residency: You live within the boundaries of Exeter Unified School District
  • Secondary Residency: You do not live within the boundaries of Exeter Unified; however, your student does live within the District boundaries.
  • Caregiver Affidavit: A Caregiver Authorization Affidavit is a legal document that allows a person (other than one's next-of-kin or power of attorney) to have the authority to act as a substitute decision maker for matters of health care, residency or education for someone who is unable to do so.  A Caregiver Authorization Affidavit is required if your child is living in another qualified adult's home. Caregiver Authorization Affidavits are signed under penalty of perjury and are legally binding documents.
  • Inter-district transfer: An Inter-district Attendance Transfer is an agreement between two districts to transfer a student from District of Residency (where student lives) to District of Attendance (where student will attend).  Inter-district transfers are dependent upon the conditions in Board Policy for the receiving District. Initial denials of an Inter-district transfer may be appealed; however, revocation of a transfer agreement based on conditions set in Board Policy are not subject to appeal.
    • If you are seeking to leave Exeter, fill out the Interdistrict Attendance Agreement- Outgoing form.
    • If you are seeking to enter Exeter, you must provide Student Services (Linzy McBride) an approved Interdistrict form from your District of Residence.  Exeter Student Services will work with your District to obtain attendance, grade and discipline records.  No Interdistrict applications will be accepted if they fail to meet the following expectations (per Board Policy 5117.2):
      • Minimum gpa of 2.0 or acceptable marks on an elementary report card
      • No suspensions or suspendable offenses
      • Minimum attendance rate of 94%
  • Supplemental Inter-District Transfer Application: Inter-district applications that are approved based on the above criteria must fill out the Supplemental Inter-District Transfer application. This supplemental application provides Exeter with additional information to better serve your student and clearly explains the Terms and Conditions of an Interdistrict agreement.  The Terms and Conditions must be signed by the parent as a final step in the application process. No application will be accepted without the completion of this form.
  • Special Education:  If your student is in special education, the Supplemental Form requires a copy of your students current IEP and most recent assessments. Your student will not be denied on the basis of special education unless Exeter is unable to provide the services required in the IEP or if the programs your student requires are full or impacted in Exeter.  The application will not be finalized until we have received these records.
  • Appeal of a denial by Exeter of an Interdistrict Agreement: within 30 days of denial, you may appeal to the Exeter Unified School Board. Please contact Linzy McBride to schedule your closed session meeting.  If the Exeter Unified School Board upholds the denial, you may appeal, within 30 days, to the Tulare County Board of Education.  
  • Revocation of an Interdistrict Agreement:  Exeter expects all visiting students to maintain the standards expected of all Exeter students. These standards are not arbitrary and are applied equally to all visiting students, with no exceptions.  The expectations, as outlined in the Terms and Conditions, include a 2.0 gpa, no suspensions or suspendable events and 94% attendance. These conditions will be reviewed at mid-year and at the end of the year.
  • Intradistrict Transfers: An intra-district transfer is between two schools in the same district. These transfers are based on Board Policy.  Space availability, as well as required programs and services are the basis of acceptance for transfers. A lottery system may be necessary in the event of limited space availability.
  • Housing Questionnaire: This form assists the District in supporting families who may be experiencing hardship. These families may be living with others, or unsheltered, and require assistance with basic life needs. This information is confidential. Return this form to your school site.