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About Us

We Believe:

 We believe ALL can learn and demonstrate continuous growth. 
 We believe learning occurs in a safe and positive environment where ALL feel significant and belong. 
 We believe ALL will succeed when we work in teams.
 We believe ALL individuals add value to the organization.  
 We believe learner success occurs when decisions are informed and driven by data.
 Never blame kids…they are why we exist! 

Our Vision:

Empowering for the ONE! Exeter Unified School District is committed to building a district for the individual student.  

Our Mission:

We exist to empower students to graduate with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to thrive in careers, college, and life.

The Local Educational Agency Plan (LEA Plan)

Instruction & Assessment
1. Ensure all students learn grade-level content standards through good first instruction and progress monitoring assessments, which empower all students in the knowledge, skills, and disposition that promote academic success and college and career readiness. 
Belonging & Culture
2. Maintain a safe and healthy environment built upon a cohesive, collaborative, and positive school culture that encourages student, parents/guardians, staff, and community engagement, participation, and/or contribution. 
Equity & Outcomes
3. Provide equity in academic, behavioral, and social/emotional outcomes of students representing unique populations (i.e., English learners, students with disabilities, socioeconomically disadvantaged students, foster youth and homeless youth).