All About Zach- by Carter Hutchinson

All About Zach- A book by Carter Hutchinson
All About Zach- By Carter Jack Hutchinson
all about zach- table of contents
Table of Contents
1. Zach!!!
2. Let's Go!!!
3. Get In.
4. Lion Lounge.
5. Opening Time.
all about zach- page 1 zach
Zach is nice. He can fix a computer. He is at his house. He has a TV. He also has some boxes.
all about zach- lets go
Let's Go!!!
Zach needs to drive his car to get to (the) lion lounge. His car has four large wheels.
all about zach- get in
Get In
Zach needs to get in the school. He unlocks the gate with a key. He gets to keep the key.
all about zack- lion lounge
Lion Lounge
Zach needs to clean (the) lion lounge before he opens it. He needs to dry it off.
all about zach- opening time
Opening Time
Zach fixed (the) lion lounge. Kids come and play if they be really good. The kids have a blast!!!